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Soochow University and BioBAY inaugurate talent training base

time:04/26/2018 page views: resource:BioBAY

Soochow University (SU) and BioBAY jointly inaugurated a talent training base in SIP on April 18. At the same time, SU signed agreements with seven BioBAY-based biomedicine companies. The two parties will jointly bridge platforms and establish talent training bases to introduce cutting-edge technology into the university as well ascultivate more talents that meet the needs of enterprises in BioBAY, combining education and the industry.

For many years, SU has focused on improving student’s overall quality, professional foundation, and innovative ability while actively deepening the systematic reform of talent training model to constantly enhance their cultivating quality. Up to now, a total of nine disciplines in SU, such as clinical medicine, pharmacy and toxicology, biology and biochemistry, neuroscience and behavioral science, molecular biology and genetics, are the first 1% of the global essential science indicators (ESI). BioBAY is a high-tech carrier for incubation and development of the biopharmaceutical enterprise in SIP. At present, it boasts more than 430 high-tech innovative biopharmaceutical enterprises, 63 National 1000 Talents Program experts and nearly 10000l elites in addition to forming three key industrial clusters of innovative drug research and development, high-end medical devices and biological technology. It has been built into a first-class biopharmaceutical industry ecosystem in China.

During the event, SU signed cooperation agreements with seven prospective and advanced BioBAY-based biomedicine companies, including Alphamab Co. Ltd, “In China, biomedicine is a relatively regressive industry, with lack of related talents as the main challenge. Alphamab is a biopharmaceutical enterprise, specializing in the research and development of innovative macromolecular drugs. The company has now entered into a  rapid development stage, with eight kinds of A-level biologic drugs passing the drug resistance assessment to enter the substantive development stage.”Chen Jiandong, vice president of Alphamab said. In 2017, Alphamab cooperated with SU to launch a program to jointly cultivate talents in the entireindustry chain ranging from R& D, production, management to operation. Currently, several SU graduates are working in Alphamab, with some already being the Company’s core technicians. 

According to the agreements, SU and BioBAY-based enterprises will jointly vigorously promote the construction of graduate students' practical bases and post-doctoral workstations. The enterprise experts and talents at all levels will participate in the training of the university’s students as well as provide more job opportunities for its graduates. Chen Weichang, vice president of Soochow University, said, “This is a new exploration of the school-enterprise cooperation talent training model. The school can accurately cultivate the talents that BioBAY-based enterprises need while students have a better chance to put what they have learnt into practice. We are now cultivating students majoring in pharmacy and biology based on the school-enterprise cooperation model. We hope that we can use this model to train more students in other specialties as well as constantly improve the talent training quality, in efforts to provide more outstanding talents for the development of related industries.”