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Cure Genetics joins hands with Thermo Fisher Unity Lab Services

time:04/25/2018 page views: resource:BioBAY

Recently, the Utility Lab Services of Thermo Fisher Scientific (China) Co. Ltd. (Utility Lab Services) and Cure Genetics Co. Ltd. (Cure) entered into a strategic cooperation agreement, under which both sides will establish a genome editing R&D center and develop a liquid biopsy market.

Through the strategic cooperation, the companies aim to systematically combine their respective technological strengths and market resources to promote industrialization and commercialization of CRISPR genome editing technology in medicine and diagnosis sectors. 

CRISPR genome editing technology can accurately identify specific DNA sequences as well as create double strand break (DSB) in cells so as to realize targeted genetic modification and specific controlling of cells functions. Compared with the TALEN, zinc finger nuclease and other previous generation technologies, CRISPR is highly efficient, fast and easy to use.

Since 2013, when Prof. Zhang Feng and Dr. Cong Le successfully realized genome editing in the mammalian cells with CRISPR/Cas9, it has attracted high attentions from the academic, industrial and capital circles. 

CRISPR genome editing technology ranked first in 2015 Science’s Breakthrough. With the engineering reconstruction of the CRISPR system and continuous application scenario-based optimization, the CRISPR genome editing technology has been widely used in medicine, diagnostics, new drug discovery, animal husbandry, breeding, and scientific research among other fields and enjoys a great market potential.

Dr. Li Quishi, COO of Cure said that the ability to accurately identify 20 base sequences in billion-level genome and the efficient directional gene modification ability confers CIRSPR system’s unlimited application potential. With optimization of CRISPR system and its applications, Cure has established the world leading medical-grade CRISPR genome editing technological platform and several unique medical and diagnostic product pipelines.

The partnership with Thermo Fisher Scientific’s first-class lab solutions and rich liquid biopsy market resources will further improve development of original applications as well as speed up commercialization of CRISPR genome editing technology. 

Ms. Xie Ying, general manager of Utility Lab Services, said, Cure is the most promising genome editing company across the world. It benefits human beings with the technology. Thermo Fisher Scientific is willing to fully support the development of the high-tech company. 

It’s undoubtedly that the partnership between Thermo Fisher Scientific and Cure will propel CRISPR genome editing technology to achieve remarkable results in the industrialization and commercialization in medical and diagnostic fields.

Source: Utility Lab Services, Thermo Fisher Scientific