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Rapid diagnosis enters ordinary homes

time:01/24/2018 page views: resource:BioBAY

On January 23, the opening ceremony of SIP Medical Test Lab Platform founded by Suzhou Biomedical Research & Development Center was held in BioBAY. The platform, covering an area of more than 4,000sqm, is equipped with the world first-class test and analysis instruments. It is the biggest and most powerful third-party medical test service platform in Jiangsu. 

Echoing the grade-based diagnosis and treatment to lead industrial innovation-driven development

In early 2017, the State Council issued the The Plan for Deepening Medical and Health System Reform during the 13th Five-year Plan Period and required to establish a scientific and reasonable diagnosis and treatment system. The Directive Opinions of the General Office of the State Council on Boosting the Establishment of Grade-based Diagnosis System also definitely brought forward to establish independent regional medical test and pathologic diagnosis institutions. With the reform of China’s medical treatment system and people’s increasing demands to medical treatment, the third-party medical test lab will be of great significance for medical resources sharing and improvement of grassroots medical institutions’ service capacity and grade-based diagnosis and treatment. 

The establishment of medical test platform is an important innovative measure for exploring the grade-based diagnosis and treatment. It can improve resource utilization efficiency. The platform can carry out the service items unavailable in many hospitals, efficiently utilize social capital, realize intensive and professional operation, improve overall test level, alleviate the medical service difficulties, and enable the people to have the gene, molecular and other high-end tests at home. As a zone for medical and health industry cluster, SIP established the medical test platform which contributes to its bio-medicine industry’s expansion and comprehensive strength improvement for carrying out many cutting-edge tests and filling in domestic clinic test vacancies.

Large scale and great test capability

The 4000sqm medical test platform, equipped with global first-class medical test devices, can provide accurate and timely medical test services and scientific research outsourcing services for hospitals, health check center and insurance institutions. The annual test capacity can be more than 500,000 samples. The platform will be Jiangsu’s biggest medical test lab and platform. It also provides public services for more than 500 bio-medicine enterprises and helps enterprises to realize scientific achievements transformation and industrial upgrading. 

Release medical pressure and effectively improve livelihood

The public platform will offer more advanced services for medical institutions and patients, improve regional medical level and livelihood efficiently. The platform can carry out high-throughput sequencing-based cell molecular genetics items(Non-invasive Prenatal Testing,IVF preimplantation testing, detection of chromosomal abnormalities in aborted tissues and tumor gene testing etc.), clinic immunity, serology and pathology-related tests. The platform boasts an improved sample information management system and genetics consulting team which can realize the full-process control of the sample test, ensure test quality, efficiently shorten test period, rapidly explain the analysis reports, effectively release medical treatment pressure and allocate medical resources in a reasonable mode. 

As a major supplement to the existing medical system, the platform can offer concentrated test services for small- and medium-sized hospitals due to their technical limitation and large hospitals due to the cost reason, and realize intensive and professional operation to save social investment and improve test level. The platform not only meets the clinical test demands, boosts bio-medicine’s technical development, but also plays a leading and innovative role in standardizing the medical test market operation and service quality in the regions. 

BioBAY, home of the platform, has attracted more than 460 enterprises and 10,000 biomedicine experts including 62 in the national list of 1000 Talent Plan, and formed the new drug R&D and production, medical equipment(including IVD appliances), bio-technology and other featured industrial clusters since the carrier construction started in 2006. SIP also attracted more than 70 innovative enterprises in the upstream and downstream of the diagnostics industrial chain. In addition to the medical test lab platform, SIP has also built the BioTOP Bio-technology Service Platform, CMAB Bio-medicine Industrialization Platform and Amgen Drug Package Material Platform etc. to continuously improve the bio-chain from R&D to industrialization.