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Bio-medicine Library opens

time:01/12/2018 page views: resource:BioBAY

Located in Suzhou Bio-medicine Industrial Park, SIP Bio-medicine Library started its services on January 11. Under the guidance of SIP Publicity Department, SIP Science and Information Bureau, Suzhou Dushu Lake Science & Education Zone Management Committee and Suzhou Dushu Lake Science & Education Development Co., Ltd, the library is jointly maintained by SIP Dushu Lake Library and SIP Bio-medicine Industrial Innovation Centre. It will further develop based on Jinji Lake Think Tank, a famous brand considered as an information platform providing all-around service in special database, periodicals, books and in-depth consultation.

At the event, Li Chunmei, curator of Dushu Lake Library, and Yu Jianrong, assistant to the chairman of Shanghai Institutes of Biological Sciences (SIBS), CAS and director of Information Center, SIBS, CAS, formally signed Advisory Services Strategic Cooperation Agreement on SIP Biopharmaceutical Industry for the purpose of the construction of the local biopharmaceutical ecosystem and the improvement of local industry. They will carry out comprehensive cooperation in retrieval for biomedical information, dynamic analysis for technology transaction, navigation and analysis for patents, and research and consultancy for related industry in a bid to make the library provide professional consulting service and contribute to local industry.

Additionally, upholding the tenet “complementing each other's strengths, joint-running school, training talents”, SIP Dushu Lake Library, together with Medical College of Soochow University, founded a training base to improve students’ professional knowledge and skills in bio-medicine. They are expected to conduct cooperation in talent training and management, academic communication, research and consultation, aiming to provide enough talents in bio-medicine for SIP. Jiang Weiming, director of Suzhou Dushu Lake Science & Education Zone Management Committee and Zou Xuehai, secretary of the Party Work Committee, Medical College of Soochow University participated in the inauguration ceremony of the training base.  

At the event, on display were products from eight database providers including Clarivate Analytics, Springer Nature, ACS Publication and Pharmacodia. Representatives from about 60 SIP’s biopharmaceutical enterprises were present at the event. 

As a highly intensive industry of capital and technology, biopharmaceutical industry is in urgent need the knowledge innovation. In order to better meet the needs of local biopharmaceutical enterprises for scientific literatures in the process of innovation, and provide comprehensive information for these enterprises in decision-making, Bio-medicine Library was established, and its characteristics are as followings:

Treasure of professional resource 

As the first thematic library in SIP and Suzhou, the library boasts a wealth of professional database, periodicals and books in bio-medicine. For example, there are more than 20 authoritative periodicals including Cell, Nature, Nature Reviews Drug Discovery and The Lancet, as well as 12 globally renowned professional databases including Integrity and Cortellis for Competitive Intelligence. The databases include about six million of information concerning new drugs D & R, approval new drugs and patents, as well as latest literatures, news and conferences. In addition, there are about 5,000 paper books available to the biopharmaceutical enterprises to help them have access to professional information and the full text which cannot gain through databases.    

Reservoir of knowledge sharing 

The Views on Deepening Structural Reform and Innovation-driven Development by CPC Central Committee and State Council issued in 2015, gives priority to “respecting knowledge and innovation, putting finding research into practice to embody the value of innovation”. In the era of economy sharing, knowledge sharing plays a vital role in knowledge innovation and technology progress. The Bio-medicine Library as the first thematic library breaks the conventional model, and sticks to the construction concept of distributed resource to shorten the time of knowledge discovery and specially provide service for local biopharmaceutical enterprises, achieving the “subtraction” of innovation cycle and the “multiplication” of innovation fruit. In short, the library is devoted to optimizing the local industrial ecosystem and promoting the independent innovation of local biopharmaceutical industry.

Linker of innovative service 

In addition to providing literatures, data , resource, latest dynamics, the library builds up a communication bridge among scientific research institutes, enterprises, hospitals, and students by regularly holding various events such as training sessions, salon activities and expert lectures; Based on the personalized demands of government, enterprises and talents, the library is riding on the information, resource and service of Jinjin Lake Think Tank to provide customized strategic decision-making report, drug D&R retrieval report,latest patent analysis report, competition information report , business trade report and service & consultancy report for the innovation of biopharmaceutical enterprises and the development of regional industry. 

SIP Bio-medicine Library 

Located at the first floor of C1 Building in Suzhou Bio-medicine Industrial Park (Xinghu Street No. 218), the library opens from 9 am to 5 pm on working days, and its paper books and periodicals are not for circulation and digital resource can be freely used in retrieval area. Its online reservation service opens, and readers can reserve seats or books by 0512-6593226 and