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2017 CBIIC is coming soon

time:08/25/2017 page views: resource:BioBAY

The press conference on 2nd China BioMed Innovation Investment Conference (2017 CBIIC) was hold in Beijing on August 25. The sponsors of CBIIC were present, such as Song Ruilin,the chairman of Executive committee, Organizing Committee, and the executive chairman of China Pharmaceutical Innovation and Research Development Association ( PhIRDA ), Xu Shan, the secretary-general of China Association for Medical Devices Industry (CAMDI). In addition, the representatives from SIP, embassy of Australia in China, embassy of Canada in China, the government of British Columbia, a Canadian province, American Cancer Research Foundation as well as international institutions participated. The 2017 CBIIC is scheduled to kick off on October 29 and conclude on October 31 at SIP. The CBIIC’s registration system and publicity website in Chinese and English were launched simultaneously on the day of press conference.  

Song Ruilin gave a brief introduction on the 2017 CBIIC preparatory work. He said, during past two years, the policies and macro-environment on biomedical innovation were improved; new policies enacted by CFDA were continuously appeared; CFDA has officially entered into ICH. It showed that China has made great progress in the reform of drug review and approval system as well as all-chain regulatory system and is striving for reaching the international standards. In February this year, the National Basic Medical Insurance, Work-related Injury Insurance and Maternity Insurance Drug List (2017 Edition) has bend adjusted, where many innovative drugs that appeared nearly ten years were listed. In addition, some major national-supported innovative drugs, such as apatinib, chidamide were also incorporated into health insurance list by negotiations, fully showing that China's medical insurance payment system has provided practical support for pharmaceutical innovation.。

He emphasized, the practices of other countries have proved there is positive correlation between innovative development and capital investment. The innovation offers a chance for capital while capital promotes the development of innovation. The 2017 CBIIC will be as a cooperation platform on innovation and capital to provide financing channels for innovative enterprises, and make capital serve the real economy. 

PhIRDA has always adhered to the concepts of innovation, Industrialization, internationalization to be dedicated to promoting the biomedical innovation in China. China has seen a number of major conferences and activities in recent years. In 2016, PhIRDA as the only one China’s representative in pharmaceutical industry officially became a member of International Federation of Pharmaceutical Manufactures Associations (IFPMA). In May 2017, PhIPDA published an article in the Nature to showcase our achievements and present state in biomedical innovation, receiving highly praised from the leaders of the State Council. At present, the PhIRDA is one of the dynamic associations.

Securities Association of China (SAC) has been awarded the national advanced social organization by the ministry of civil affairs. By the end of 2016, there were 1123 members, including 129 legal members, 845 regular members and 149 special members. It is a highly influential and authoritative organization in China's securities investment field. 

CAMDI is a unit engaging in medical devices industry, such as medical device’s research and development, production, management, investment, product testing and certification consultation as well as education training. It also known as a non-profit social organization formed by the people of their own will in China. Now there are nearly 4000 members. It is the most representative industry organization in medical device industry in China.

In 2016, the 1st CBIIC, sponsored by PhIRDA and SAC, provided a platform for innovative enterprises and investors to make zero-distance exchanges and received widely praises from medical investment industry. A total of 220 investment institutions and more than 300 innovative pharmaceutical enterprises participated. At the event, the clinical data of eight major new drugs were firstly released in the world, and on display were more than 70 roadshow projects to showcase the achievements we have made in pharmaceutical innovation. The conference showed that china’s biomedical innovations has notched up remarkable achievements and attracted the attention of more international organizations and investment institutions. 

This year, the 2nd CBIICC is sponsored by PhIRDA, SAC and CAMDI, with the theme of promoting the combination of domestic and foreign social capitals and biomedical innovation as well as enhancing China’s innovation in pharmaceutical industry. The conference will see opening ceremony, the first release of clinical data, 15 roadshow projects, forums concerning related policies and investments, focusing on making deep discussions on the policies, development trend and investment in pharmaceutical industry. The highlights of this conference are as followings: 

First, overall designed and co-hosted by the Pharmaceutical Innovation Industry and Investment Community

2017 China BioMed Innovation and Investment Conference is co-hosted by SAC, PhIRDA and CAMDI. Fully relying on the strength of members in the fields of pharmaceutical research and development and investment, SAC, PhIRDA and CAMDI bring together the leading experts of the advanced pharmaceutical research institutions, innovative companies and investment institutions as the organizing committee, and make preparation to secure the orderly promotion of the conference.

Second, strong attention from industry and support from international famous investment bank, publication and media.

The conference wins the supports from Chinese academy of medical sciences, Chinese academy of traditional Chinese medicine, J. P. Morgan, an international famous investment bank, Canadian Trade Commissioner Service Organization, British Columbia provincial government and American Cancer Research Foundation, Japan Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association (JPMA), Taiwan Biotechnology and Medical Industry Association. At the same time, Nature, the international top academic journal, as the first professional media will report to the conference. What’s more, some well-known international financial media and domestic authoritative media in related pharmaceutical and investment industries will be invited to also cover the whole process of the conference.

Third, dialogue between leaders from related government authorities, scholars and experts domestic and abroad 

The opening ceremony of the conference is scheduled to kick off on the morning of October 29. The representatives from National Health and Family Planning Commission of the PRC and CFDA, as well as domestic and foreign excellent personals from pharmaceutical innovation and investment industries, will be present and deliver keynote speeches. In addition, Thomas Cueni, the director-general of  International Federation of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association (IFPMA) , J.P. Morgan, who is in charge of the international investment and the global health, as well as some famous entrepreneurs and academicians form related industries will also participate. 

Forth, worldwide participation

It is expected to that more than 400 enterprises and institutions engaging in drugs and medical devices research and development, as well as over 300 investment institutions,  embassies and consulates in China and the related organizations of the pharmaceutical industry will attend the conference. On the conference will be more than 2000 participants. In addition, the conference will set up a 1-to-1 negotiation area in order to provide the maximum convenience for the participants.

Fifth, held Clinical-Trial Data Release of Innovative Drugs

After the opening ceremony on October 29, the conference will host Clinical-Trial Data Release of Innovative Drugs. It is conducive to the investment industries to quickly and accurately understand the latest progress of biomedical innovation, and then to grasp the best investment opportunities. In addition, It will also promote the social capital to be invested in pharmaceutical innovation in an early stage.

Sixth, held special roadshow on medical devices as well as exchanging meeting

The formed conference saw the special roadshow from listed companies and unlisted companies, as well as forums on discussing the pharmaceutical policies and investment trend. While in the 2017 conference, it will add special roadshow on medical devices innovation, and exchanging meeting. The special roadshow on medical devices innovation will cover the whole innovation in drugs and medical devices, greatly benefiting the comprehensive innovation and development of China's pharmaceutical industry. In addition, the exchanging meeting will provide a diversified platform for investors to share opinions and make exchanges, for the purpose of making participants better understand capitals, focus on the hot spot and the market transformation path.

Seventh, held roadshow on international innovation

In the conference, the Australian embassy in China, the Canadian embassy in Chna and the American Cancer Research Foundation will organize an international roadshow. A number of institutions and associations, such as J.P. Morgan, the international renowned investment bank, the Taiwan Biotechnology and Medical Industry Association as well as the Israeli embassy in China will also organize innovative projects to participate in the roadshow.

Due to the appearance of international and domestic roadshow well as rich activities, the conference will become a more authoritative, open and international platform to promote the pharmaceutical innovation as well as the exchanges and cooperation in investment.