1. Industrial service
  2. Science and technology support/Talent support/Registration and Declaration /Policy Implementation
Science and technology support
  • National Science and Technology Major Project
  • Jiangsu Provincial Science and Technology Plans
  • Suzhou Science and Technology Plans
  • SIP R & D Expense Subsidy
Talent Support
  • 1000-Talents Plan of the Organizing Department of the CPC Central Committee (1000-Talents Plan)
  • Jiangsu Province High-level Innovation and Entrepreneurship Talent Introduction Plan (Innovation and Entrepreneurship Talents of Jiangsu)
  • Suzhou Innovation and Entrepreneurship Leading Talents Plan (Suzhou Leading Talents)
  • Suzhou Science and Technology Startup Angel Plan (Suzhou Angel)
  • SIP Science and Technology Leading Talent Innovation and Entrepreneurship Project (SIP Leading Talents)
  • SIP High-level Urgently-needed Talent Remuneration Subsidy
Registration and Declaration
  • Medical device domestic registration and overseas certification of CE, FDA and other authorities.
  • Drug registration and production application
Policy implementation
  • Technology start-up fund
  • Talent support
  • Preferential rent

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