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SIP Pharmaceutical Alliance

SIP Pharmaceutical Alliance is jointly initiated and established by SIP Biotech Development Co., Ltd., Suzhou Achievement Transfer Center of Shanghai Institute of Materia Medica (SIMM), Chinese Academy of Sciences, Innovent Biologics (Suzhou), Inc., Adagene (Suzhou) Co. Ltd. and others under the support of the SIP Science and Information Bureau. It will give full play to its role as the bridge and bond between enterprises and the government, intensively study the new situation and new issues in the development and operation of the pharmaceutical industry, enhance exchanges among enterprises and cooperation between the upstream and downstream industries and promote exchanges of the local pharmaceutical industry with other regions.

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New Drug Founders Club

The New Drug Founders Club is a club for new drug R&D entrepreneurs who can share their experiences and help each other to improve the business startup and promote new drug development in China. The secretariat of the club is located in BioBay.


SIP Independent Innovation Medical Device Enterprise Dushu Alliance

Dushu Alliance is initiated and co-founded by more than 20 enterprises in BioBay. It is China’s first alliance initiated by regional independent innovation medical device enterprises and consists of leading enterprises in the fields of hospital information intelligent system, imaging equipment, diagnosis and treatment equipment, IVD diagnostic equipment and reagents. Under the high-end medical device localization strategy and great governmental support, it aims at integrating resources of enterprises, society, government and market to form a “medical device ecosystem”, and serve as the innovative medical device enterprises development navigator of China and create more value for customers and partners.

Sun Wei Fen

SIP Lakeside Medical Implant & Intervention Industrial Research Institute

SIP Lakeside Medical Implant & Intervention Industrial Research Institute is initiated and co-founded by 25 independent innovation implant and intervention hospitals and universities of China. It aims at integrating resources, deepening technical exchanges among enterprises, helping high-end implant and intervention medical device R&D enterprises, accelerating new product research and development, serving as a bridge for domestic products to the international market while facilitating the introduction of international projects and boosting growth and development of the implant and intervention medical device enterprises of China.

Ma Rui