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Brand Promotion

  • PR Newswire is the world's largest enterprise information publishing agency, and publishes network and audience information, targeted assessment and information disclosure and investor communication services through multi-channels;
  • It helps enterprises and organizations, media, consumers, decision-makers, investors and general public to support brand shaping, enhance brand awareness, image public policy, promote sales and collect capital;
  • BioBAY has reached cooperation agreement with PR Newswire and enterprises in the park can enjoy 10% discount;
  • BioBAY WeChat has 4500 followers, mainly practitioners of the life science industry;
  • Each day it will push enterprise news, industrial news, general information, and actively explore original columns and offline activities. The monthly pageviews can reach 1,000+;
  • Many enterprises have made publicity through BioBay WeChat platform, and achieved a good effect.
  • 2017.6.1 Park business promotion can enjoy 6 % discount! Preferential cut-off date 2017
Category Price (RMB)
Price after discount (see the following for details)
WeChat article end advertisement banner 200/300 120/180
Advertorial (manuscript provided) 500/800 300/480 The manuscript contains at least the theme and ideas
Advertorial (no manuscript provided) 800/110 480/660
Commercial promotion (Video needed) 8000 4800
For the abovementioned media promotion and news release cooperation, please contact

Zhang Han