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Conference platform

Cold spring harbor Asian conference:
  • cold spring harbor Asia follows the tradition of cold spring harbor laboratory, providing a unique platform for scientists and students from Asia and the world to share the latest scientific research melee.
  • The biggest feature of cold spring harbor Asian conference is most of the speeches delivered at the conference, chosen from the summary submitted by all participants ( except the annual meeting ), which covers a large number of outstanding scientific research developments;
Copal health investment forum:
  • Corporate executives, government officials and key opinion leaders with industrial influence share their insights;
  • Covering a number of hot topics and content including bulk financing and immunotherapy in China;
  • The pre - session entrepreneur training camp brings you expert advice on funding, regulatory building, and business planning preparation;
  • One-by-one appointment will maximize the social experience and outcomes of participants;
Dia China pharmaceutical research innovation conference:
  • Dia is a world-renowned professional association in the areas of research, development, regulatory monitoring or marketing involving drugs and related products;
  • Bidbay hand in hand with dia to build a high - end platform for the exchange and cooperation of innovative drug research and development technology;
  • Hands together domestic and foreign new drug research and development top organization and well-known research and development leader, in the Chinese innovation drug research and development " silicon valley" Suzhou bio to hold a new drug research innovation conference;
Chinabio bio - industry cooperation forum:
  • ChinaBio®Chinabio enjoys a high reputation in the fields of life science investment and cooperative conference, and cooperates with bio every two years to hold the bio - industrial cooperation forum in Suzhou.
  • ChinaBio® The chinabio biological industry cooperation forum, as the first cooperation forum in the Chinese industry, has attracted more than 2000 participants.
  • The meeting also designed a " one - by - one" special session service for key clients;
China medical equipment summit forum:
  • as the most important meeting of the development of medical equipment industry in our country, China medical device summit forum ( device ) actively constructs the industry health ecosystem, explores the forward development dynamics, builds professional communication platform and seeks to develop solutions;
  • Since 2011, the conference has successfully held six sessions, attracting many well-known medical device inventors, medical scientists, entrepreneurs, investors and senior managers of multinational enterprises to participate in the industry, and win a good reputation in the industry.
China pharmaceutical innovation and investment conference:
  • Sponsored by China pharmaceutical innovation association and the securities association of China, co - sponsored by the administrative Committee of Suzhou industrial park;
  • The theme of the congress is " promoting the combination of social capital and innovation, improving the innovation ability of pharmaceutical industry ", aiming to discuss the policy of pharmaceutical industry in China, the trend of new drug research and development, and the investment in the field of medicine.
Conference co-operation, please contact:
Sun Hao