1. Commercial facilities
  2. BioCAFE


  • It is located in the north tower of BioBAYA1, with an area of nearly 1,000m2, integrating drinks, leisure and business services.
  • BioCAFE is an ideal site for people who love life sciences and are dedicated to industrial exchanges. It not only provides high quality catering services for employees of the park, but also a venue for entrepreneurs for exhibitions, activities, gatherings, training and commercial mode exchanges.
  • BioCAFE can accommodate 50-100 people salons, conferences, year-end dinners, ceremonies and release conference etc. It is well equipped with facilities such as high-definition projector, stage lighting, high-quality stereo equipment and other commercial equipment. At the same time BioCAFE can meet dining and business needs for 5 people, 10-15 people, 30-50 people and 60-100 people.
  • BioCAFE also provides business meal customization, buffet, food delivery, tea break customization, and door-to-door services for enterprises in the park and the neighborhood.