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BioBIZ Center

  • BioBIZ Center, located at 2/F to 4/F, Building A1, has an office area of 9,000m2, and can provide a variety of services for enterprises according to their requirements. It consists of five parts, namely the onsite office area (west part of 2/F and 3/F), flexible partition area (east part of 2/F and 3/F, and 4/F), public leisure area, public business area, and conference and training area (on 2/F and 3/F).
  • BioBIZ Center provides a mature and stable information exchange system. We provide you with the following services: 24/7/365 dedicated broadband access, Datwyler LAN, advanced CISCO IP telephone system and Polycom video conference system, high-speed and high-reliable Fuji Xerox multifunctional color machine. You will have access to any information technology services by dialing 85665106.
  • On the 2/F and 3/F, there are three reception rooms (accommodating 2-4 persons), three medium-sized conference rooms (accommodating 8-14 persons), two large-scale conference rooms/training rooms (accommodating 40-60 persons). BioBIZ Center provides you with a comfortable office environment.
Welcome to BioBIZ Center. To reserve a conference room, please dial:85665106、85665666