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  2. Decoration process documents

Decoration process documents

One-stop Customer Service Center introducing the requirements Customer decoration application Fire control declaration
Decoration plan review
Paying decoration deposit
Going through the decoration starting procedure Customer starts decoration Decoration examination and acceptance (refunding the deposit) Settling in and starting business
After signing the rent contract, paying the security guarantee and the first phase rent and property management fees, the customer can contact the One-stop Customer Service Center from the lease inception date as stipulated in the contract to go through the procedure of Office Handover Acceptance Sheet; the center introduces the related procedures, supporting services in the neighborhood and gives a Customer Guide to the customer. The customer submits the decoration application and materials to the One-stop Customer Service Center; BioBay House Decoration Application Sheet/Decoration Authorization Letter/Decoration Drawing (blueprint stamped with the design stamp). It will be normally approved after five working days. If the decoration needs fire control declaration, the customer should get the construction permit and complete the fire control design registration application in line with the governmental procedure, which will need about two to three months. After obtaining the construction permit (if declaration is required) and BioBay internal decoration permit, the customer pays the decoration deposit in line with the rent contract and goes through the decoration starting procedure with the Property Management Department. After the decoration is completed, the customer should completing the following acceptance tasks:
1. Fire control examination and acceptance (when declaration is required)
2. Quality supervision acceptance (when declaration is required)
3. Property Management Department acceptance
After the project passes the examination and is accepted, the site can be officially go into service; and the customer can apply for refunding of the decoration deposit with the One-stop Customer Service Center.