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8 Innovation Enterprise Industrialization Base formally signed

time:06/08/2017 page views: resource:BioBAY

"Ten years of grinding a sword, the frost Blade never tried." "After ten years of development of Suzhou Bio-Nano Garden, the momentum of industrialization is booming." June 8, in Suzhou Industrial Park Kuwata Island area of Suzhou Bio-Pharmaceutical Industrial Park Phase two of the concentration of the signing ceremony, 8 innovative enterprises of the industrial base of the formal signing up, another batch of early signing of the project concentrated opening. At the same time, Suzhou Bio-Pharmaceutical Industrial Park, Phase Two project C zone started, will be used as high-end medical equipment and new drug preparation industrialization base, further improve the park from hatching, pilot to industrialization of the complete industrial chain construction.

Suzhou Bio-Nano Garden has become one of the few bio-pharmaceutical parks in China, which will improve the precision of brand positioning and the development of new industry in the future, and the Suzhou Bio-Nano Garden has been renamed as "Suzhou Bio-Pharmaceutical Industrial Park". The original Suzhou bio-nanometer garden area, which is mainly based on incubation and innovation Enterprise, is the Suzhou Bio-Pharmaceutical Industrial Park phase A, and the Kuwata Island area, which takes the industrial base as the aim, is the two phase of Suzhou Bio-pharmaceutical industry garden.

It is understood that Suzhou Bio-Pharmaceutical Industrial Park, two, is located in Suzhou Industrial Park, the Kuwata Island area, is the development of the Suzhou Industrial Park Biological Industry Development Co., Ltd., the construction of high-end medical devices and new drug formulations of the industrial base, to form a biological medicine incubation, acceleration and industrialization of the complete Suzhou Bio-Pharmaceutical Industrial Park two covers an area of 21 hectares and is developed in three blocks. Area A total construction area of 120,000 square meters, has been built 9 standard factory buildings and 1 public supporting buildings, now has Roche, hundred relief Shenzhou, Ding Medicine, Beckman, such as a group of enterprises settled. Area B Total construction area of 94,000 square meters, has been built 13 standard workshop, has been thinking Tanvy, Vilin electricity, to Technocon, Hao, core gene and other enterprises signed in. District C will start construction at the end of 2017.

In the field of precision medical science, the enterprise of gene testing is a concern. Days Hao Gene Technology (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. by the national "thousand people Plan" entrepreneurial talent Dr. Kang Jong-wen Founded in 2008, is the park itself incubation, one of the outstanding representative enterprises in the field of prenatal diagnosis of gene detection, the company develops and uses gene analysis technology as its main direction, and its business contents correspond to scientific and technological services and scientific research reagents, molecular diagnostics reagents and medical tests, popular gene health screening and counseling, and third-party medical tests.

Xuzhou Jihua Biomedical Engineering Co., Ltd. is a recent introduction of the park in the field of precision medical representative enterprises, focus on the field of cancer gene testing, mainly engaged in tumor in vitro diagnostic reagents and related medical testing equipment research and development, production and sales. After the Suzhou Bio-industrial Park was officially put into production in two, will be set up to research and development, production, quality management, sales, after-sales service-oriented integration platform and professional technical core team, at the same time as the testing center in the eastern region of Kyrgyzstan, to provide the public with professional, personalized tumor accurate detection services.

Suzhou Bio-Pharmaceutical Industrial park with a focus, joint, innovative attitude, the global capital, talent, technology and other aspects of the resources of the perfect splicing together, and strive to build the world's best bio-industry ecological circle. Starting from the 2006 carrier construction and recruit intelligence to date, the park currently has more than 460 enterprises, more than 10,000 biomedical professionals in the employment, which gathered 60 countries thousands of people, forming a new drug, medical devices (including in vitro diagnostics), biotechnology and other characteristics of industrial clusters. Among them, the park has gathered the gene sequencing industry chain upstream and downstream of a total of more than 30 innovative enterprises, the main application of research focused on gene synthesis and editing, such as Kim Chi-zhi, Gemma, core, etc., reproductive and genetic fields, such as Order Kang, Beckan, Tin Hao and so on, tumor liquid biopsy field, such as Love Tatsu Kang, Cobe, Kyrgyzstan Plus, Ann can, Yuan code, drug targets and resistance research areas, such as Kaijie Suzhou, health crowd testing services, such as the first, Kin Road.