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Suzhou Kintor Pharmaceutical and Predicine announce global strategic partnership

time:03/14/2018 page views: resource:BioBAY

Suzhou Kintor Pharmaceutical, Inc and Predicine, Inc on March 1 signed a global strategic collaboration agreement. Both parties will carry out deep and all-around cross-border cooperation in technology, resources as well as biomarkers and global new drug clinical trials data, jointly creating a new international pattern in biomarkers, diagnosis and precise new drugs clinical development. 

Suzhou Kintor Pharmaceutical, Inc (Kintor) is an innovative high-tech pharmaceutical research corporation, devoted to carrying out research on prostate cancer, breast cancer and liver cancer, which are the major prevalent diseases globally. As the first innovative drug in China to participate in Marketing Authorization Holder (MAH) pilot, the Puguramine developed by Kintor is also the first pilot variety approved by MAH in Jiangsu province. It is mainly used in the treatment of prostate cancer and triple-negative breast cancer. Its phase I and phase II clinical trials are currently being carried out in both the United States and China.

Predicine, Inc is an international precision medical diagnosis incorporation operating in China and the United States. It is the first company globally to boast RNA+DNA joint liquid biopsy “Gene Radar” patent technology and a global precision clinical trial solution based on biomarkers. It has trade cooperation with many internationally renowned pharmaceutical companies and supports clinical trials of new drugs which are simultaneously conducted in China, USA, Europe, Asia and Australia.

In the past two years, the two parties have made fruitful business cooperation in the clinical trials of prostate and breast cancer as well as clinical research of biomarkers in China and the United States, establishing good mutual trust relations. 

Generally, a successful discovery of a new cancer drug takes 10 years and cost $ 2.6 billion on average. In the light of the long period, high risk and high cost of a new anti-tumor drug discovery, Kintor and Predicine will conduct a global strategic cooperation on biomarker-centered precision clinical trials. Based on the CLIA and CAP international standard laboratories in Silicon Valley and Shanghai, both parties will accurately screen and monitor the clinical trials' patients, shorten the clinical trials time and improve the success rate of new drug research and development.

Unlike traditional CRO mode featuring simple sample detection services, the cooperation between Predicine and Kintor will cover a wide range of activities including jointly participating in the early clinical trials design, sample collection and processing, biomarker detection services, bioinformatics analysis, comprehensive data analysis and clinical strategies as well as the development of diagnostic kit which helps new drugs to facilitate the clinical approval of CFDA and FDA. 

The latest cancer statistics show that China has 4.29 million cancer cases, accounting for nearly 1/3 of the world’s 1400 million cancer cases. Following implementation of the “2030 Healthy China” basic national policy in 2017, CFDA launched a series of favorable policies to promote the new drug development in China. The global strategic cooperation between Predicine and Kintor will serve as the first exemplary example in the biomarkers and the new drug clinical trials in China, creating a new international pattern on joint diagnosis for new drugs clinical development 

About Suzhou Kintor Pharmaceuticals

Suzhou Kintor Pharmaceuticals was established in 2009. Its entrepreneurship and management team is led by “National 1000 Talents Program” experts and “International Clinical Trial” medical experts. It features high-quality research teams and experimental platforms, featuring the research of prostate cancer, breast cancer and liver cancer. The three cancers lack efficient treatment methods, despite accounting for 50% of the major malignant tumors. The company has more than one product research and development pipelines, covering all stages from the preclinical research to clinical phase II for the treatment of prostate cancer, breast cancer, liver cancer, brain cancer and lung cancer. 

Since its establishment, the company has received the national 12th and 13th Five-Year Plan “Significant New Drug Creation” awards, the Science and Technology Ministry’s small and mid-size enterprise innovation funding, Jiangsu Province Key Technologies R&D Program (social development) as well as Jiangsu Province Technology Project & Suzhou Innovative Startup Leading Talent funding. In 2015, it was listed as the 14th Top 50 Venture with the Most Investment Value In China. In September 2016, the company successfully joined China IPO (name: Kintor Pharmaceuticals; stock number: 839419). Suzhou Kintor Pharmaceuticals has always upheld the concept and mission of “Develop a Truly Local Innovative Medication”. The company will continue to research and investigate in efforts to offer cancer patients with new and low-cost treatment.

About Predicine

Founded in 2015, Predicine boasts CLIA and CAP international standard laboratories in the US Silicon Valley and Shanghai, China. Its team members come from the world’s first-class industrial and academic circles. Its main businesses have already covered early cancer screening, clinical medication guidance and new clinical drug development and its technologies are in the global front line. Through its developed RNA+DNA joint liquid biopsies “Gene Radar" patent technology, Predicine not only provides a professional platform on one-stop and all-around biomarker detection and data analysis, but also a global precision clinical trials solutions for its customers in global drug enterprises. It has now conducted precision new drugs clinical trials based on biomarkers with 25 internationally renowned pharmaceutical companies (including 8 world top 500 enterprises) to support the international multicenter new drug clinical trials in China, US, Europe and Asia Australia.