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Zai Lab files for US IPO to raise $115million

time:09/15/2017 page views: resource:BioBAY

Zai Lab, a Chinese biotechnology company, has officially filed for an $115million US IPO and planned to list on the Nasdaq. The news attracted wide attentions of people.

Zai Lab is one of representatives in Chinese biomedical industry. Since its inception, the company has rapidly built up a pipeline of clinical research through internal development and external cooperation. What’s more, several new drugs of the company have entered the middle and later stage of clinical research and development. 

ZL-2306 (niraparib) is one of the leading new drugs in the research. Last year, the company reached a cooperation agreement with Tesaro, a partner of Wuxi Pharmacy Technology Co., Ltd, to promote the development of innovative PARP inhibitor in China. It is expected that the Phase 3 clinical trial will be launched later this year, aimed at using ZL-2306 as a second-line maintenance therapy to treat the ovarian cancer. In the first half of next year, the new drug is expected to start clinical trials as a first-line treatment. In addition, Zai Lab plans to carry out the Phase 3 clinical trials in the middle of next year, in which zl-2306 will be used for treatment of gBRCA positive breast cancer patients. At the same time, the Phase 2 clinical trials of this new drug being applied to treat lung cancer are also in the works.

▲R&D pipeline of Zai Lab(source of picture:Zai Lab)

ZL-2401(omadacycline), with the approval from Paratek Pharmaceuticals, is another kind of leading new drug in the research. It as a new tetracycline derivative can inhibit bacterial protein synthesis and plays a important role in anti infection. The new drug is expected to be used for acute bacterial skin / skin structure infections (ABSSSI), community-acquired bacterial pneumonia (CABP), and urinary tract infections (UTI). The Phase 3 clinical trials for ABSSSI and CABP are also in preparation. 

In addition to two drugs mentioned above, there are many potential candidate products in the R& D pipeline of Zai Lab. For example, ZL-2301 (brivanib), a kind of oral and first-in-class dual inhibitors of selective VEGF receptor and FGF receptor, will have promise in treating hepatocellular carcinoma; ZL-3101 (FUGAN) is expected to treat eczema and psoriasis; ZL-2302 as a tyrosine kinase inhibitor, will be targeted to ALK gene mutation for the treatment of specific patients with non-small cell lung cancer; ZL-1101 can inhibit the OX40 which plays a key role in the immune response to treat graft-versus-host disease.

As many senior analysts pointed out, filing for a US IPO is a good chance for Zai Lab to accelerate its research in new drugs. We congratulate Zai Lab is one step closer to US IPO and will soon successfully list on Nasdaq. Zai Lab will get more useful resources to research and develop many new drugs, benefiting the patients in China or even in the world.