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BioBAY Public Technical Service Platform Officially Launched

time:10/21/2008 page views: resource:BioBAY
The Public Experiment Platform Phase 2 of Biobay was completed and put to operation on October 21, 2008. The newly built Antibody Service Platform in the Phase 2 Project, as a new initiative of Suzhou Industrial Park for supporting the development of the biopharmaceutical industry, is the sole dedicated service platform in this field in Suzhou now. According to some source, the Experiment Platform shall be fully completed in 3 years, and then become the Public Biopharmaceutical Experiment Platform with the most complete equipment and the largest investment in Suzhou.

In the biopharmaceutical industry involving the advanced technologies, the companies require many expensive test instruments for the research and development, but most of the medium and small biotechnology companies cannot afford to buy some or all the test instruments. The Public Technical Service Platform is an innovative measure of the government for supporting the development of the science and technology companies. The government shall purchase the advanced test instruments and the supporting equipment and build the public laboratory, and provide the analysis and test, instrument leasing and other basic services, to reduce the cost of R&D of the companies; and with the Public Technical Service Platform, cooperate with the universities, research institutes and instrument manufacturers and develop the training, consultation, communication, joint R&D and other added value services.

Biobay Public Technical Service Platform is built with a huge investment and provided with the first class equipment in the industry. The Platform is designed in the advanced mode of the basic platform combined with the specialty platforms, and operated in the innovative joint management by the self platform and the specific profession team, to utilize the management experience of the professional management team and reduce the operation cost of the platform.
Biobay is the core area and the demonstration area in the Science and Education Innovation District of Suzhou Industrial Park, and the construction of the Public Technical Service Platform reflects the strong support of the Park for the innovative scientific and technological industries and embodies the core concept of the scientific and technological innovation, becoming another symbol of the support of the Park for Biobay. Mr.Zhang Dongchi, director of Bureau of Science and Technology of Suzhou Industrial Park said, "With Biobay as the carrier, SIP government pumps in a huge investment to build the Public Technical Service Platform for carrying the first class technical equipment and the high-end academic activities, to expand the service contents of the carrier, improve the R&D ability of the institutions and create the preferable environment for the accelerated development of the high-tech companies."