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Roche RNAi Therapeutics Forum Held at Dushu Lake

time:10/12/2010 page views: resource:BioBAY

The 1st "Roche RNAi Therapeutics Forum" sponsored by Roche China Co. Ltd., Gemagene Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. and SIP Biological Industry Development Co. Ltd. was held at Dushu Lake Convention Center, Suzhou, China, on October 12. The most famous RNAi experts and scholars gathered here to discuss RNAi mechanism, nucleic acid modification, high throughput target screening, drug delivery techniques and clinical therapeutics in the 2-day meeting, with 16 theme speeches.

RNAi technique is one of the greatest discoveries in life science in the 20th century and the discoverer was awarded the Nobel Price for Physiology or Medicine 2006. It has the good prospect of applications in treatment of cancer, infectious disease, genetic disease and others. The theme of the Forum is discussion on the R&D progress of RNAi new drug, for promoting the transformation of the basic results of RNAi to the theories, techniques, methods and drugs with the clinical values, to establish a platform for communicating with the RNAi experts and scholars and senior managers of companies in other countries and regions and the officials of relevant authorities, and helping the relevant personnel in the industry learn about, discuss and communicate on the latest research findings and results in RNAi therapeutic research and applications and promoting the industry, teaching and research combination.

The sponsors invited Professor Zhang Lihe, academician  of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Professor Natori of Tokyo Institute of Technology, Professor Liang Zhicai of Peking University, Professor Zhang Yaou of Tsinghua University, Professor Ding Kan of Shanghai Institute of Meteria Medica, Dr.Lu Yang, chairman of Suzhou Sirnaomics Biopharmaceuticals Co. Ltd. and others; and Dr.Louis Renzetti, vice president global of RNAi R&D, Roche, Professor Zhang Mingqiang, Roche China R&D Center CTO and others also introduced the progress of Roche in RNAi new drugs research. The scientists and professionals from the academic community and the industry shall present the latest research results, study and explore the development condition in RNAi new drug R&D. 

Zhang Peizhuo, chairman of Suzhou GenePharma, one of the sponsors, said that the Forum could help the domestic pharmaceutical industry learn about the latest R&D condition and the latest research results of large international pharmaceutical companies as Roche, keep pace with the world leading companies and, jointly promote the new drug R&D development.