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1st Meeting of Cold Spring Harbor Asia Scientific Advisory Board

time:10/05/2008 page views: resource:BioBAY

The 1st Meeting of Cold Spring Harbor Asia Scientific Advisory Board was held in Suzhou on October 4-5, 2008. Suzhou Industrial Park has been chosen as the site of Cold Spring Harbor Asia conferences, and will become one of the centers for the top class academic events of life science in the world. The Meeting is intended for discussion the matters related to the series Pan-Asia Pacific meetings in Suzhou organized by Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory beginning from the next year. 
Over 20 top class molecular biologists from the world attended the Meeting, including Academician, honorary chairman of China Association of Science and Technology and the former vice chairman of NPC Standing Committee, Dr.Bruce Stillman, president of US Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, academician of Academy of Sciences of USA, and Professor David Ho, director of Aaron Diamond AIDS Research Center, Rockefeller University in New York. Professor James Watson, one of the discoverers of the DNA dual helical model, was not present at the meeting, but he commented, "Cold Spring Harbor Asia shall greatly accelerate the development of research in biotechnology, human genetics and medicine in Suzhou, because it will attract talents to Suzhou." Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory (CSHL), located in Long Island, New York, established in 1890, is famous for its research in qualitative biology, and called as the holy land of life science and the cradle of molecular biology in the world, and ranks first in the Top 10 Most Influential Institutes in the world. Professor James Watson is the honorary chairman of the Laboratory. Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory is built at the hillside and by the water, with the beautiful landscape. Since the 1930s, Cold Spring Harbor has become the convention center and the training camp of life science in the world. CSHL is the world leader in molecular biology, neuroscience, cancer research, biological information and other fields with its strong academic strength and a wealth of research results. Now CSHL sponsors 20-30 international meetings and advanced workshops every year, with over 7000 attendees and trainees every year. 
During the meeting, Cold Spring Harbor Asia Company was officially inaugurated. The scientists visited Suzhou Industrial Park Dushu Lake Science and Education Innovation District and BioBay, and they admired the design concept and the construction progress of Yinrui Hotel, a theme hotel under construction by Dushu Lake. The sponsor said that the hotel and Cold Spring Harbor Asia Company shall serve as the base of Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory to host the academic events and meetings in Asia. Yinrui Hotel shall be completed in November next year, when Mr.James Watson, honorary chairman of Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory and the senior biologist of the time, shall lead a delegation of world leading scientists to attend the Opening Ceremony, and the Global Molecular Biology Conference of Cold Spring Harbor Asia shall be held here, attracting the top class molecular biologists from the world.  
It is reported that Cold Spring Harbor has now chosen Suzhou Industrial Park as the site for the Asian conferences. Cold Spring Harbor Asia Conferences shall be held from 2010, and the international academic conferences and workshops shall increase from 10 times to 35 times each year within 10 years, to attract a large number of top level scientists to attend the academic events or trainings, greatly promote the communication and cooperation in the life science industry and provide the new opportunities for development of the biopharmaceutical industry in Asia.