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Device China2018——GDW is set to kick off in September

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Exciting updates are expected from the 7th Device China 2018, scheduled to be held in Suzhou. Jointly with China Association for Medical Devices Industry, we plan to host the grand feast on medical device-Global Device Week (GDW)

Focusing on innovation and development 

Pooling global innovative talents, projects, products and resources

Promoting international innovation and cooperation, accelerating medical devices’ clinical research and the transformation of achievements achieved transformation.

Creating a conducive environment for the innovation of medical devices to promote the sustainable development and innovation of the domestic medical device industry. 

Main activities 

One international exhibition 

Medical Fair China and China Medical Innovation Forum 2018 (MFC2018)

One innovation competition  

China Medical Device Design and Start-up Competition 2018(CMDDSC2018)

Three keynote forums 

China Medical International Forum 2018(CMIF2018) 

Transformation Medicine and Innovation Service Forum 2018(TM&IS2018)

Device China 2018.

International Exhibition  


September 6-8, 2018


Innovative projects under development, innovative & service providers, latest registered products, research institutes, medical and investment institutions, upstream materials and accessories suppliers


Messe Düsseldorf (Shanghai) Co., Ltd

China Service Alliance of Medical Device Innovation

Expo space: 10,000-20,000 square meters 


Innovation competition

China Medical Device Design and Start-ups Competition 2018(CMDDSC 2018 )

September 7, 2018 (provisionally) 


①Companies and clinicians publish outsourcing content on design requirements and collate proposals for contest project

②R & D designers and clinicians are encouraged to participate in the contest.

③Contestants can gain useful and various prizes.

Division contests and time 

Northern, southern and eastern division contests 

From April-September, 2018 

Around 300 events are expected to be held in each division where the top five from 15 participants are chosen to compete in the finals.

400-600 visitors expected to attend

Keynote forums

Forum 1 

China Medical Innovation Forum 2018 (CMIF2018)

September 6, 2018

At least 400 to 600 participants expected  


Messe Düsseldorf (Shanghai) Co., Ltd

China Service Alliance of Medical Device Innovation

Associate sponsors:

Messe Düsseldorf GmbH

SIP Administrative Committee

Suzhou Medical Device Innovation Service Center 

Suzhou City Association for Medical Devices Industry 

Organizer :

Suzhou Inno-MD Medical Innovation Service CO., Ltd 

(Note: The forum has previously been held in 2016 and 2017. This year, the them is, International Medical Devices’ Innovation, Regulation, Market and Technical Exchange)

Forum 2

Transformation Medicine and Innovation Service Forum 2018(TM&IS2018)

September6-7, 2018 (Provisionally)     

More than 2,000 participants expected 


China Strategic Innovation Alliance of Medical Device Technology

Association sponsors 

Chinese Hospital Association

China Association for Medical Devices Industry


Special road show featuring innovative projects by doctors

Symposium on transformation policies of achievements in hospitals  

Symposium on the linkages between innovative designs, service institutions and medical practitioners

Symposium on operations management and incubating functions of Chinese medical device industrial parks

International symposium on access to medical devices and human-factors engineering

Symposium on great vascular surgical devices innovation 

Symposium on Chinese minimally invasive surgical device innovation 

Symposium on managing specification of clinical trials for medical devices 

Symposium on medical device's management of animal experiment research institutions

Exhibition on medical device innovation and service institutions and upstream materials suppliers 

Exhibition on showcasing innovative policies in Chinese medical device industrial parks 

(Note: The forum is the maiden launch and is one of the highlights of the GDW. It provides a networking platform with different innovators and service institutions, and exhibitors who are keen of hosting sub forums in the near future.)

Forum 3

Device China 2018

September 8-9, 2018

Around 500 to 600 participants expected  


Suzhou Industrial Park Bio-industry Company

China Association for Medical Devices Industry

Organizer :

Suzhou Medical Device Innovation and Service Center


Cardiovascular and neurosurgical diseases innovation and investment forum

Orthopedics device development and clinical new technology

In vitro diagnosis and gene sequencing Industry development forum

Medical artificial intelligence plus Internet of Things development forum

Innovative medical device project road show 

(Note: The forum has previously been held seven times. This year, it is running under the theme, Domestic Innovative Policies, Industrial Development and Investment Hotspots)

Global device week(GDW)

Attracting various resources and providing an innovation & service platform

10,000-20,000 square meters of expo space and venue. On display are research projects under development, various innovation and service institutions as well as the latest medical devices.

10-20 domestic academicians as speakers as well as 30-50 overseas guests  

Pooling more than 40 road shows on domestic and foreign high-quality innovative projects 

Attracting more than 400 innovative medical device research and development enterprises from home and abroad 

More than 30 renowned innovation & service institutions from home and abroad  

More than 2,000 participants 

More than 1,000 investment agencies in attendance 

More than 1,000 hospital presidents and clinic experts 

More than 1,000 universities and research institutions

More than 2,000 local and global dealers 

A total of 8,000-10,000 participants in the event

Learning a lot 

The well-designed GDW ensures all participants learn something throughout the event.

Manufacturing enterprises

Chances will be available for the firms to connect with upstream materials and accessories suppliers as well as innovation and service providers in financing, design registration and other fields; they will interact with outstanding early innovation projects and clinical R&D results from home and abroad while meeting domestic and foreign distributors and hospital users.


They will be able to negotiate agency contracts with leading innovators while connecting with innovative projects or starting their own businesses with clinical experts. It is a platform to change from distributor to manufacturing enterprises, resolving the “Two Invoices” crisis. (“Two Invoices” means there are no more than 2 first-class distributors for each drug).

Research institutes, hospitals and clinical experts

They will display their research projects under development and innovation impact while connecting with social capital, innovation & service institutions, manufacturing and marketing enterprises to enable them speed up completion of their projects. They will demonstrate their competitive edge in scientific research to cooperate with large scale R&D projects.

Innovation, service and investment institutions

Stronger linkages will be created with research projects under development by clinical experts, research institutions and hospitals while jointly scaling up their early services, investment and professional incubation. 

Materials and accessories suppliers

Based on China's top innovation service platform, they will promote or connect with a large number of research projects and start-ups while accessing unlimited business opportunities in the medical device industry, 

Providing opportunities for all manufacturers, distributers, innovators,  service providers, investment companies, scientific research institutions, medical units and clinical experts, parks, associations, training institutions and research and development designers to participate in the exhibition, strengthen technical exchanges or jointly hold various forum presentations.


Contacts of GDW Organizing Committee cooperation project

Chen Jun 

General Manager/Suzhou Inno-MD Medical Innovation Service CO., Ltd 

Standing Vice Director/Suzhou Medical Device Innovation and Service Center 


Zhang Junyong 

Deputy Secretary General/ Innovation and Service Special Committee, China Association for Medical Devices Industry

Standing Vice Director/Tianjin Medical Device Technical Innovation and Service Center  

Tel: 18910591808

Tel of GDW Organizing Committee exhibitor promotion 

Mr. Li:


Mr. Zhao 


Miss. Zhou:


Miss. Liu