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A grand academic feast: Cold Spring Harbor Asia Night 2018

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At the beginning of the new year, the international academic platform Cold Spring Harbor Asia (CSHA) launched a program for the new year. In 2017, BioBAY built an interactive platform for its visitors and conference participants via the Open Bar Cocktail, and held eight conferences themed on cancer research, microbiology and genomics among others, thanks to its geological advantage. 

This year, BioBay will not only hold the Open Bar Cocktail but also present a Cold Spring Feast to cater for you and CSHA’s scholars and guests. At night by the Dushu Lake, you will have an opportunity for face-to-face interactions with global top experts, present your innovative achievements and hunt for potential business partners. 

2018 CSHA Feast

More considerable timing

17:20-19:00 P.M. Tuesday (TBD)

More sufficient communication opportunities

Cocktails, speech venues and dinners jointly sponsored by BioBAY and enterprises in a 50%-50% mode ($2,000~$2,500 per event)

More authentic guests

CSHA’s speakers and enterprises executives

Looking forward to having you join us to discuss the future of life science. 

For specific issues, please contact the liaison at  

Sun Hao, Marketing Department of BioBAY


Find details on the 2018 annual meeting at:

Cold Spring Harbor Asia(CSHA) 

Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, the American world-famous “life science cradle” boasting seven Nobel Prize laureates so far, established its only overseas branch Cold Spring Harbor Asia(CSHA) by the Dushu Lake, Suzhou in 2009 to forge a first-class international academic meeting platform for Asia-Pacific. CSHA holds nearly 20 international meetings each year which covers cancer research, microbiology and genomics among other sectors.